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Jazz Masters Legendary Jazz Recordings Volume 4

A Tribute to Louis Armstrong – Dutch Swing College Band – leader: Peter Schilperoort

Who said the CD was dead? STS Digital are one of Europe’s leading audiophile recording and music production studios, still using the analogue tape medium where ever possible for the best musical sound and dynamics. Demand for quality sound grows as labels and studios expand master tape production. Exceptional Audiophile Analog Sound.
Legendary Jazz Recordings from the Master Tape and re-engineered to CD and Volume One available on LP Record. In this Jazz Masters series offers you a selection of classic Jazz Standards, recorded by STS Digital to Master Tape and engineered using the MW Process. The Dutch jazz musicians offer fine renditions of these songs, all beautifully captured by Fritz and his small team in the Netherlands.
Check each Volume release for te tracks and songs.
Jazz Masters Legendary Jazz Recordings Volume 4 – On this 4th volume of the Jazz Masters series by STS Digital, you’ll hear songs like Mack the Knife, Hello Dolly, Blueberry Hill and more.
You’re Driving Me Crazy 2:27
Melancholy 3:26
Someday You’ll Be Sorry 2:56
Mack The Knife 2:25
When It’s Sleepy Time Down South 4:04
Hello Dolly 3:12
Cornet Chop Suey 3:22
Blueberry Hill 2:38
Potato Head Blues 2:57
Two Deuces 3:32
Mahogany Hall Blues Stomp 3:03
Dipper Mouth Blues 2:42
Who said CD was dead!? Not us, nor STS Digital. The best sounding CD’s ever? Hi-Fi News Album Choice, sound quality 95%, the best ever rating in Hi-Fi News magazine for a CD we believe.
In STS Didital CD Recording, you will find:
1. The warm sound, that acoustic instruments possess on their own, but is often not captured by sound-technicians.
2. Acoustic placing and recognition of the musicians in the recording space.
3. Phase purity of a recording, both the electric phase (good cable/fibre connections etc), and the acoustic phase must be acquired through proper placing of the microphones.
4. Symmetry in the recording; this means always placing the microphones in such a way that on both the left and the right side there’s an equal division of signal, and not placing mono support microphones on the extreme left and right.
5. Transparency and clarity in a recording. This does not mean an overly sharp recording, but one of softness in tone and clarity, in which especially the 3-dimensional recording-space is being displayed.
Beautiful Sound Recordings on CD – This CD shows just how wide a range of dynamics the CD medium can achieve and how this offers a sense of scale and reality to the music. This is the most ‘dynamic’ series of CD’s STS Digital has ever produced, with the help of the unique STS Digital MW Coding Process.
The quality of the recordings is stunning, details and micro-details are so clear, you will be transported to the great outdoors, but without the distant roar of motor vehicles or hum of planes.

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