Nah Youn Sun – Memory Lane (Green Vinyl) 2LP 45RPM


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Jazz vocalist Nah Youn-sun, who has always surprised listeners with new attempts, releases a pop album ‘Memory Lane’. If she is a jazz person, her spirit of challenge for novelty, which should be accepted as fate, is what made Na Yoon-sun sing pop with her own sense. Therefore, this album ‘Memory Lane’ contains her challenge to create a song that listeners can easily feel and understand while maintaining the identity of a jazz singer.

This new challenge was made possible by the meeting with the world-famous Danish pianist ‘Niels Randoki’. Because he was in charge of producing the album, who had both a jazzy and a pop sense, the soft and romantic aspect inherent in Nah Younsun’s music, so the parts that many people loved, were successfully included in the album. In addition to ‘Niels Randoki’, Danish jazz leader ‘Mas Winding’, drummer ‘Alex Riel’, percussionist ‘Xavier d’Essandré Navarre’, and jazz violin ‘Didier Lockwood’ are all top performers recognized in Europe for their independent activities. It is a splendid enough to arouse the interest of many viewers just by gathering them in a session. In addition, Korean composers such as Japan’s best pianist Masahiko Sato, Kim Kwang-min, Jo Dong-ik, Kim Tae-soo, and Harim participated in the song, revealing a universal lyricism that anyone in the world can relate to.

This album, which will be aimed at the global market, will be produced in Korean and English versions, respectively, and will be approached as a song album for Korean audiences and a pop album for other global audiences. Also, if you listen to both the Korean and English versions of the same song, you may get a different feeling depending on the language.
Side A
01 Eternal Love
02 Paper Tiger
03 I’ve Told Ev’ry Little Star

Side B
04 The Circle Game
05 City Rhythms
06 Memory Lane

Side C
07 Cinderella Me
08 Anak
09 Han River

Side D
10 Little Fish – Big World
11 Tangerine Dream
12 The Waves

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