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Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio × Yoshihiko Kaminari Legendary TBM Tag Team
Errol Garner Album
Analog record that you can enjoy listening to and comparing with SACD

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, who reunited with the previous work “Blues for K” (SCOL-1062), and Yoshihiko Kaminari, a former engineer of the TBM label. This duo, who have produced numerous Japan and world-famous albums such as “Midnight Sugar” and “Misty,” played this work at Kaminari’s private studio in Nasu Kogen, Tochigi Prefecture, and was featured in many audio magazines and won the <Jazz Audio Disc Awards 2022 Silver Award> which received a great deal of attention and high acclaim.

And in 2023, “I’d love to hear it recorded in a professional studio!” In order to respond to the voice, Yoshihiko Kaminari appeared at the Acoustic House in Tokyo! The TBM label will once again ring its arms at this studio representing Japan, where it was also recorded. The song selection is a collection of ballads centered on Errol Garner, whom Tsuyoshi Yamamoto admires. For both of them, it was a challenging work that returned to their roots.

■ Tsuyoshi Yamamoto (p)

Hiroshi Kagawa (b)

Toshio Ohsumi (ds)

Recorded and mixed by Yoshihiko
Kaminari on November 20, 2023 at Acoustic House


Song List

  • A1.Night Wind
  • A2.Paris Bounce
  • A3.When Paris Cries
  • A4.Dreamy
  • A5.Mood Island
  • A6.Solitaire
  • B1.Daahoud
  • B2.Polka Dots and Moonbeams
  • B3.Sweet for K
  • B4.Laura
  • B5.Garner Tal

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