Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio – BLUES FOR K Vol.1(LP)


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* LP Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio’s
TBM spin-off project second reunion session at the private studio of legendary engineer Yoshihiko Kaminari will be decided on analog edition!
Vol.1 contains gem ballads and standards centered on “Misty”

The new project of the Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio is a reunion session with Yoshihiko Kaminari, the engineer who revolutionized the jazz sound as an exclusive engineer for the legendary Japanese jazz label “Three Blind Mice” in the 1970s! Miking instruments that approach the limit of the source of the sound and recording techniques that are willing to peak are alive and well. The mastering is handled by Sony Music Studios, which has released more than 70 TBM reprint series to the present day since 2012 and is familiar with its sound. I would like you to check whether the sound that appears there is a reproduction of that time or the maturity of half a century. The liner notes are familiar to TBM fans and include a recording set diagram handwritten by Mr. Kaminari! Also pay attention to the super unique setting unique to a private studio. This Vol.1 LP is a variety of ballads such as “I’m Glad There is You”, Latin “Breeze and Me”, and up-tempo.

A1. You Go to My Head
A2. Breeze and Me
A3. I’m Glad There is You
B1. But Not for Me
B2. Misty
B3. Blues for K

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